We invest in those we work with and we partner for the long term. Collaboration and cooperation with farmers and producers is paramount to the success of everyone involved. As a company that places a value on transparent sourcing, we have an intimate understanding of everything it takes to grow and harvest quality coffees and we take our role very seriously.

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We'd like you to keep us posted on any new developments! Have you made any changes in your production? Drop us a line and click below to update your information sheet!



Not only does each region we source coffee from have a widely diverse collection of growing conditions, but they also have drastically different political, geographical, economic, and supply chain influences. This reality changes certain dynamics in certain places, requiring us to be flexible and attentive.

Does your coffee comply with the global standard for sustainability? We have formed an exclusive partnership with Enveritas to verify that your farm meets the sustainable standards, no matter where you are.

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Do you have an amazing product you’d like to list with us? Our sourcing standard makes it possible to provide quality products and help our community thrive. We support farmer communities to help develop responsible growing methods and ensure a sustainable supply of quality coffee. If this sounds like something for you then list your coffee with us below.

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At CCS, we empower our farmers and partners with the right information and data for them to understand more about themselves. Have you ever wondered where your coffee goes or what marketing material is shared about your product? Have a look for yourself below!