EU, Asia & Middle East Sales terms & Conditions


You will find all our available coffees on our Collaborative Coffee Source EU, Asia & Middle East shop on Cropster Hub. You can also find our EU & Asia full offer list and our EU, Asia & Middle East special offers on our website.

We work with coffee roasters and coffee professionals all over the world. Unfortunately, we cannot work with private individuals. We reserve the right to decline requests for logistical complications, insufficient information or other reasons. Please note that availability and prices indicated are subject to final confirmation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Reservation policy, or how to order coffee

If you are interested in a coffee, please contact our sales team directly to discuss your order! We are happy to reserve coffees for you by signing a contract. After a coffee is contracted, it is not possible to cancel your order. 

Our prices include 30 days free storage upon arrival of the coffee at the warehouse. In the case of spot purchases, the 30 days go into effect immediately upon receiving the contract. Further storage is subject to a fee of 1% per month. Coffees may be warehoused for a maximum of 6 months. 

First-time customers: 

If it is the first time you are ordering coffee from us, please note that you will need to provide the following information so we can process your order and complete all customs clearance paperwork for your company:

  • Company name.

  • Billing address.

  • EORI number. This number is easy to get from your national authorities. We need an EORI number whenever a coffee is sold in EU for customs clearance. Switzerland, Iceland and Norway are exempt from EORI.

  • A signed version of our customs clearance contract.

  • Delivery Address (can be different from the billing address).

  • A signed version of the Sales Contract for the coffee you want to buy, provided by our Sales team.

For subsequent orders, we will only need the Sales Contract and a confirmation of your billing and delivery address.

Payment policy

All coffee is invoiced, and payment is required before delivery. Coffee will be released upon payment confirmation. Delayed payment will incur an interest rate of 1,5% a month. 

Sample policy

Samples ordered from Cropster Hub are $10, including shipping. The cost of samples will be deducted from your invoice if you choose to order the coffee. Current customers can contact your sales representative directly to order samples. 

Samples are 100g Green Sample Material or 50g Roasted Sample Material. Volumes are subject to change depending on availability, varietal, and process. Pre-shipment samples are limited in quantity, and we will do our best to accommodate requests for more samples. 

All samples are shipped from our lab in Oslo, Norway. Delivery times are 2-3 working days to Europe, and 5-7 working days to Asia and the Middle East. 

Shipping countries

We ship worldwide. If you are in one of the following countries, or anywhere with strict import regulations, please contact us:

  • Russia

  • Ukraine

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Taiwan

  • China

  • The Middle East

Shipping policy

  1. Minimum order is 1 pallet (600kg). You can order different coffees on one pallet.

  2. All invoices are issued in USD.

  3. Prices are based on FOT (Free on Truck) Antwerp / Hamburg. Coffees will be customs cleared upon sale and loaded for delivery/pick up. Please note that our prices do not include transportation to your facility.

    • An additional fee of $38 USD per pallet is added for palletization, strapping and wrapping.

    • All custom clearance fees are included in our pricing.

  4. Coffee will be delivered within 10 business days after receipt of payment confirmation.

Refund policy:

We do our utmost to ensure the quality of the green coffee as well as the execution of each order. All of our coffees are cupped in our lab prior to the shipment of coffees from origin (pre-shipment samples), and as soon as the coffees arrive at our designated warehouse. All samples have been  approved by our QC Manager. If you have an issue, please contact us and we will find a solution!

Competition coffees:

Looking for that unique and delicious coffee that will win over the judges? We love working with coffee professionals competing in local and international events. Take a look at our CCS Competition Coffee shop, read this guide to buying green coffee for competitions, and review the Reservation Policy carefully. Ensure you have all the documentation ready, so we can process your order immediately.