Do you want to know the story behind Astrid’s coffee? You’ve come to the right place. Below, you can read about her passion and commitment to coffee as a third generation coffee producer. Additionally, we provide a coffee information sheet to give you a better picture of exactly what you’re roasting. Keep scrolling for photos and social media templates, curated especially for your marketing purposes. Because good flavors always come with a good story.

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Find out what makes this coffee unique!

Our coffee information sheet allows you to learn about the region, varieties, farm, process & much more. We’ve carefully put together these facts so you can weave it into a meaningful narrative for you and your customers.

The art of coffee FARMING

“To me, coffee is a passion. An art.”

Read more about Astrid’s deep connection to coffee producing and what keeps her motivated. For Astrid, coffee isn’t just about the crop, it’s about family. Feel free to share this blog or draw inspiration from it to use on your channels!


Learn more about her sustainable farming practices. We have partnered with Enveritas to provide you with a report verifying that her coffee beans are grown using sustainable labor and eco-friendly practices.

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You’ve tasted the coffee, but now you have the chance to see it! View the images below to get a picture of Beuna Vista. Share the legacy of Buena Vista in your marketing materials.