What to expect from our Peru Selection: Fall 2019

We’re just back from this wonderful origin, and as of writing this, we are receiving samples from our partners. Now we’re eager to share them with you, whether at cuppings in Berlin, Oslo, Boston, San Francisco or Taipei in the coming days. Or we can send you a sample in the mail.

Get in touch, get in line.

We are amazed, and feeling very fortunate to work with such great people as we are in Cajamarca, up north in the country, and now also discovering another ‘pocket’ in the Pasco region, further south. More to come!

In our opinion, these regions have very interesting coffees for a variety of reasons, and they are distinctly different from the other profiles we are otherwise offering from this continent, from Colombia or Brazil. 

Our Peruvian findings are super clean, super clear, and transparent, yet it is the syrupy sweetness that is the overarching characteristic. Which can be a good and sufficient feature in and of itself, making for a good base in a blend. That being said, some of these lots are fantastic standalones, lush and full-bodied, eg. for espresso preparation, while others are elegant, with fruit and floral notes, unlike any other coffee we’ve tasted from these neighboring origins. Super juicy, simply unique.

We believe that these characters are contributed to by a combination of factors such as altitude, up to 2000 masl., a rich and sandy soil, native varietals preserved, and a favorably dry climate - which is an important feature during harvest, and processing, and, well, drying.

Yet, first and foremost, we are working with particularly ambitious individuals and communities of farmers. We are especially excited about seeing an ambitious and new generation, who really wants to do things well and in a new way. It feels like arriving at the right time at what can become a really interesting coffee destination, not to say appellation. 

Our journey started here about eight years ago, which proved to be a tad premature, then we got back in 2017. Since then we have focused on getting to know a few farmers and their families, currently about a dozen or so that we have been following more closely. Many great relationships can be made from these in the years to come. As always, that is the way we’d like to deal with these coffees. Building, bonding, making for an equitable business for all parties involved. 


- Robert W.