Our community fosters a relationship between both coffee farmers and coffee roasters, no matter where you are in the world. We recognise the true value of high quality coffee, value created through the expertise and dedication of so many people in the coffee chain, and bring it altogether here.



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Good information = Good Value. That is why we are collecting as much information about your coffee- and everything else about it- as we possibly can. And we are asking you to contribute with even more information from the farm throughout the year!

Together with Enveritas, we are taking radical steps to create even higher value for your coffee. Enveritas is collecting vast amounts of data from the region your coffee is grown. The information they share is based on an independent view of how sustainable the production is for people, the environment and the economy of the farm. 

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Are you making high quality coffee- well flavoured with delicious attributes? If so, we are offering list your product here.

We pay high premiums for the best lots, we value quality, and we try to find a good home for it- where the labor that has gone into it is appreciated.

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Power to the farmer! If you have ever wondered where your coffee is sold then we can share it with you here.