Our community fosters a relationship between both coffee roasters and coffee farmers, no matter where you are in the world. We recognise the true value of high quality coffee, value created through the expertise and dedication of so many people in the coffee chain, and bring it altogether here.

FARMER Spotlight 


Astrid Medina

Winner of Coffee Excellence 2015

“Specialty coffee changed my life and that of my family for the better. It allowed us to improve infrastructure, improve the salaries of our workers, and gave us the opportunity to travel abroad, encounter new cultures, to meet with the people who had come to visit us on our farm. Coffee really unites people.” – Astrid Medina

meet our FARMERS

Astrid Medina

Tolima, Colombia

Emilio & Laura Gamboa

San Jose, Costa Rica

Lilica Pinheirinho & Family

Carmo de Minas, Brazil


Kirinyaga Province, Kenya



Our farmer kit includes information about our farmers, photos, coffee sheet and other relevant details for your marketing use! Learn the stories behind each product by downloading the kit below.