Dear Collaborative Supplier

Robert and the Moreno brothers

Robert and the Moreno brothers

We are building a community of specialty roasters and coffee producers who are working toward a transparent, equitable and sustainable model of coffee trade. As the coffee chain has many layers, it can be difficult to bring all parties together but we believe it is not only possible to do so, but is mutually beneficial to all concerned, both from a quality perspective and, just as importantly, for transparent and equitable business practice.

As we are looking to have everyone actively participate in this model of trade, we are committed to facilitating long-term partnerships between roaster and producer. This means that we will not be offering “spot coffees” in recognition of the unique needs of each party. We understand there are different regional and taste preferences for every roaster and because we have developed a good relationship with you, we believe we can facilitate a connection between the farmers, you and quality-focused roasters.

This project is moving quickly. Not only are we facilitating shipments with Scandinavian roasters, we are also currently working with parties from Moscow to Paris. If you have built relationships with roasters in Europe and see parallels in the ways you are working with them and the approach we are taking, it may beneficial for us all to work together. Our experience roasting within and buying coffee for the European market means we can solidify the existing connections you have built, as well as work out logistical and technical details so that the coffee buying process is more efficient for all parties. As a roasting colleague to other European roasters, we understand how to distribute coffees within each market so that each individual roaster is providing their customers with unique coffees.

We are currently working on this online extension of the community where every party will have access to one another. As such, our goal is to have a multi-lingual website. Robert already speaks Spanish and Bjørnar will soon too - look for a Spanish version of this site in the near future. In addition to our website, we are also on twitter and facebook.

We are very much looking forward to working with you on this exciting project. Please contact Melanie about how you can be involved.