Who's Involved?


Transparency is a term that is thrown about a lot these days. When intentions are sincere, the communicator is trying to find a way to convey to the reader/audience the "behind-the-scenes" goings-on. The case of coffee is no different - the process of getting coffee cherry to the end coffee drinker is a long, complex and varied journey. It is our intention to be transparent and to us, this means breaking down what happens at origin, including providing information about which people are doing what. It's different in each region - we are dealing with a living product that goes through many people, after all. In some regions the cherry producer is the same person/people that do the wet processing (as is the case of some producers in Indonesia). In other regions, the cherry producer only produces cherry and all the processing and milling is done by other parties.

In the near future, look for variations of the above image for each region we partner with (except with real names, not just labels, of course!). Stay tuned for what transparency means from a price standpoint.