Omar Viveros in Oslo

Omar Viveros
Omar Viveros

We are very happy and proud to announce that Omar Viveros will be in Norway this week and next to speak about his experiences as a coffee producer in Colombia. He will present at both the Norwegian Coffee Festival & National Barista Competition in Haugesund and at KAFFA roastery and lab in Oslo.

Omar's farm is located in the village of Pitalito, near San Augustine in the far south of the Huila region. Coffee producers in this region enjoy great growing conditions and produce high quality coffee but changing weather patterns are becoming more and more challenging for producers each year.

During the past few years in particular, producers have experienced unpredictable rain patterns (e.g. rain during typically dry periods), which has led to the damaging of coffee bushes and subsequently made it difficult to dry beans evenly. Omar is, however, both an ambitious and conscientious producer and has found ways of working within these challenges. He understands that in order to receive a higher price for his coffee, good cupping scores (i.e. 86+ points) are required. In order to achieve these scores and prices, he must consider many things: plant species (in Omar's region, caturra produces the best quality), sound agricultural practices, careful picking and processing and good drying systems, amongst many other things. Omar’s lots show his understanding of these practices; his coffee is exceptionally clean and fresh compared with other lots in this region.

The first lecture takes place on April 26th at 1pm at the coffee festival and barista competition in Haugesund and at 5pm at KAFFA roasterty and lab on May 2nd. Hope you can make it!