Le Carnaval du Café 2012: a Parisian Cupping Extravaganza, 26-27 October 2012

Collaborative Coffee Source Presents: small dogs; BIG COFFEES

Move over vin et fromage - le cafe: c´est arrivé!  That´s right light-roast lovers: no more the robusta filled double espresso, non!  Never again the frothed-to-butter café au lait, sacré bleu! Because for two days only the culinary capital of the world will be transformed into coffee´s The  Place To Be.  O la la!

Over the 26-27 of October, we will be holding a two-day coffee extravaganza in the world´s most romantic city.  Come, stuff yourself silly with crumbling patissiere whilst cupping some of the most delightful coffees your bouche will ever be amused by.

Cupping spoons and notepads at the ready!  The programme will focus on the following areas:

1. Sourced by The Collaborative; roasted by You A unique opportunity to cup, compare and contrast coffees sourced by the Collaborative and roasted by individual specialty roasters across Europe.

2. Presenting: BRAZIL The Collaborative will be accompanied by Cup-of-Excellence-history-making producers. Together we will showcase the newest, freshest and boldest coffees available to Collaborative customers from the regions of Carmo de Minas and Piatá.

3. The Enlightenment Series: Processing! Varietals! We have invited leaders in their fields to come and talk to us about their research on the effects of different processing methods on the quality of coffee and cup profile, and the advantages and disadvantages of pioneering varietals.  This is the cutting edge of agronomy and coffee production and an exclusive opportunity: don´t miss it!

Plus plenty of time for getting to know fellow specialty roasters from across the continent, award-winning producers and researchers from Latin America and of course The City of Lights in all its autumnal glory.

So: dust off your can-can shoes, practise your verb conjugations and loosen your belt a notch or two: nous allons à Paris!

Places are limited so get in there quick! info@collaborativecoffeesource.com