CCS Warehouse Sale Continues - kenya

We are moving warehouses from to Vollers in Hamburg which means we're having a clearance sale to empty our Antwerp warehouse! That means you can pick up some exceptional coffees for bargain prices. 

This week we're featuring some classic as well as exotic Kenyan profiles:

Mihuti AA

Turning parchment

Turning parchment

Located in Kirinyaga County, Mukure location of Ndia Division near Kerugoya town. It was established in 1979 and sits on seven acres of land serving Kiaragana, Nguguini, Karuku and Gathuthi Villages. Currently it is affiliated to Mwirua Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd and its membership stands at 1000, of which 600 are active members. The factory is run by Daniel Kamau who oversees the production of an area that experiences a biannual production cycle with the early harvest running from April-June and the late second season running from October-December. The main varieties of coffee grown are SL28, 34 and Ruiru 11, with SL28, 34 accounting to 99% of all coffee produced.

This coffee scores 86.5 and features blackberries and chocolate notes.

Mihuti AA, Nyeri, Kenya
Score: 86.5
Normal Price: $13,29/kg
Now: $12,79/kg  or $12,29/kg for a full pallet.

Mugaya AB

Cherry sorting pre-reception

Cherry sorting pre-reception

Mugaya Coffee Factory was established in 1975 and is a member of the Mutira Farmers Cooperative Society. Located in the Central province within the Kirinyaga district, it serves more than 1600 farmer members, owning an average of 180 trees each. The main varieties of coffee grown here is SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11.

This coffee scores 87 and features preserved lemons, plums, blueberries and hints of floral notes.

Mugaya AB, Kirinyaga, Kenya
Score: 87
Normal Price: $13,16/kg
$12,66/kg  or $12,16/kg for a full pallet.


Kathakwa AA

Dormans cupping lab, where this lot was found

Dormans cupping lab, where this lot was found

Established in 1964 the Kathakwa factory is situated in the Central part of Kenya, Embu County, well known for producing high quality coffees. It is affiliated with the Kibugu Farmer Cooperative Society (FCS), and the factory serves two nearby villages of Kibugu and Nguviu. Other crops grown in the area include passion fruit, maize, beans and tea.

This washed mix of SL-28 & 34 scores 86.75 and  features yellow raisin, blackcurrant blossom and honey.

Kathakwa AA, Kirinyaga, Kenya
Score: 86.75
Normal Price: $16,53/kg
Now: $16,03/kg  or $15,53/kg for a full pallet.

These great offers won't last. Don't miss out. Contact to order your samples and download the full clearance price list.