CCS Warehouse Clearance Sale -- Featuring Chuito, Guatemala

We are moving warehouses to Vollers in Hamburg and clearing all coffees from our Antwerp warehouse. Our first coffees will arrive at the Vollers warehouse this month and will start shipping soon thereafter. In the meantime, we have coffees in our Antwerp warehouse we need to sell. That means stellar coffees at clearance prices, like this one from Guatemala:

Chuito, Guatemala

Luis Pedro Zelaya Aguirre (LP) purchased Concepcion de Chuito in 2009. This farm is LP’s retirement project, which is likely why it is so aesthetically pleasing to the visitor.

Farm Manager Cornelio Sapet has been working and living at Chuito since 1998.

Farm Manager Cornelio Sapet has been working and living at Chuito since 1998.

The Zelaya family are long-time coffee growers in the region with multiple farms plus a wet and dry mill. Their business endeavors are not only about profit, rather their aim is to build a sustainable business that supports many generations of their family, and the wider community. With this in mind, they are constantly looking for ways to create jobs. They encourage their workers to educate themselves and in special cases they finance this education. The family’s facility also offers workshops to all their workers. To achieve this prosperity, they aim to to supply the best quality coffee they can to their clients.

LP’s coffee from Concepción de Chuito has notes of lemon, florals and sugar cane with a long finish. - 86.5 points.

Concepción de Chuito, Guatemala
Score: 86.5
Normal Price: $10,85/kg
Now: $10,35/kg or $9,85/kg for a full pallet.

Contact Nicolas for a sample, or see the full Antwerp Warehouse Clearance Sale price list.