CCS Warehouse Clearance Sale — Featuring Gichatha-Ini AA, Kenya

We are moving warehouses from Antwerp to Vollers in Hamburg. There are so many reasons why this is a great thing. Not least is the chance to pick up some great coffees at clearance prices, like this one from Kenya:

Gichatha-Ini AA, Kenya

Without doubt, Kenya is an amazing coffee destination. Coffees from this origin are known for their powerful aromas, flavors of sweet berries, rich mouthfeel, and clean and lingering aftertastes. Acidity junkies love cupping in Kenya. When it comes to acidity the question for Kenyan coffees is not "if?" but “what kind?” 

In Kenya, a “coffee lot” is made from a bigger batch of coffee that is delivered to the dry-mill  from a cooperative on a given day. When a coffee batch arrives at the mill, it is hulled, analyzed technically and sensorially, screened (separated by bean size and shape) and given an outturn-number. 

AAs are flat with screen size 17+. ABs are flat with screen sizes 15 and16. PBs are pea-berries. Screen size does not necessarily correlate with quality in terms of flavor attributes. Nor is it true that PBs are more intense in flavor or better in quality than flat beans. 

We are clearing an exceptional coffee from Gichatha-Ini, Kenya, a factory (wet mill) owned by the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society. Located in the Nyeri district, this coffee is grown at 1600 masl in volcanic soil and exhibits notes of blackcurrant, jasmine, black tea with a juicy mouthfeel.

Gichatha-Ini AA, Nyeri, Kenya Variety: SL 28/34 Process: Washed Score: 86 Normal Price: $17,42/kg Now: $16,92/kg or $16,42/kg for a full pallet.

Contact Nicolas for a sample, or see the full Antwerp Warehouse Clearance Sale price list.