CCS Oslo HQ Spring Cupping

CCS SPRING Cuppings HQ .jpg

Spring is here and new crops are bringing sunshine into CCS Oslo HQ. Join us for a day-long workshop of CCS Acevedo Cup winners from Colombia, plus stellar selections from Ethiopia and Kenya. 

Friday April 27 from 9.30am


  • Presentation on the CCS Acevedo Cup by Suzie Hoban.
    Suzie lived and worked in Colombia for nearly 7 years before joining CCS in Oslo in January this year as CCS Communications Director. Suzie attended the CCS Acevedo Cup 2018 and will discuss the winning lots, and how these cupping competitions impact coffee producing communities in Colombia. 
  • Cupping CCS Acevedo Cup 2018 winners and other gems from the region. 
  • Light lunch provided



  • Presentation by Nicolas Pourailly on Ethiopia.
    Nico travelled with the CCS team and a large group of roasters from all over the world. He will share his first hand experience from the mother-of-all origins, and the his impressions of Ethiopia compared to his experiences in Latin America. 
  • Cupping new crop Ethiopia
  • Cupping new crop Kenya
  • Beers and refreshments

Spaces are limited! Email Bjørnar to reserve yours.