Abenezer Asfaw: Improving Specialty Coffee in Ethiopia

We are building our presence in Ethiopia on many fronts. This origin continues to be one of the most challenging ones, but still large and important in our portfolio. Succeeding with finding and delivering delicious lots to the world isour reward.

 We want to stay close to the people that work here, whether at farm level, washing stations, dry mills, and exporters. The post processing part, the dry milling, is next target of utter scrutiny. CCS’ team and partners will be at all the dry-mills we choose to use throughout the export season, following up on the milling itself, the sorting and the bagging.

This is where and how CCS builds value: by knowing the field, finding the lots, presenting well-screened and curated sets of coffee, following up with the dry milling and logistics, in short, getting the lot from this place to your place — and financed all the way. 

We follow the movements and the trends, but more than anything, we want to convey a respect for and an understanding of the traditions that this proud people is sharing with us; rich culture and elegant coffees. This is a fantastically interesting place in so many ways. 

Still, we believe that there is plenty of room for change and improvement in how things are done in the field of making specialty coffee in Ethiopia. 

Enter Abenezer Asfaw, who is more or less the face of Snap Coffee, one of those new specialty coffee companies taking advantage of a more open market.He is the Supply Chain Manager for Snap,established by Negusse D. Weldyes. You could say that Abenezer acts as the “middle man,” but in the best of ways. Abenezer’s role in the value chain ensures that we are able to chase the craft of transparent coffee. 

 Those improvements in Ethiopian specialty coffee? Abenezer is making them happen. 

 With this, some of the romanticized notions about hopping into a truck and just “happening upon” coffee producers is lost. But what his role lacks in romance, it makes up for in honesty. Thanks to Abenezer we are able to have transparency on the ground and he is key in making our vision a reality. Owing to his commitment to put his best foot forward with both farmers and us, we remain transfixed with Ethiopia. It is, after all, it is the Birthplace of Coffee. 

Join us at World of Coffee in Berlin, June 6th-8th, where we will be presenting coffees from Snap!

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