Welcome, Nicolas!

Photo Nicolas Pourailly
Photo Nicolas Pourailly

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member to CCS, Nicolas Pourailly. Welcome, Nico!

With all the positive feedback and growth we’ve been experiencing across Europe, it’s time for us to expand our team’s presence and reach to better serve the unique needs of our many regional markets. After hearing from and meeting with many wonderful candidates from all over the world (thank you!), we’re excited and proud to be bringing Nicolas on board. He has re-located from Barcelona to Oslo to work out of our HQ and has started and has definitely hit the ground running.

Nicolas started working in the specialty coffee industry at the end of 2015 when he discovered the Parisian specialty coffee scene and through this interest, learned about specialty coffee’s approach to agroforestry, which was a topic he developed an interest in through his engineering studies.

After stints first working as an engineer and project manager in the luxury goods industry and then within the field of sustainable construction, he eventually co-founded the website Los

Tostados in 2016 to support to an initiation trip to coffee origin. During this trip, he worked with cooperatives and producers in Peru to understand the living conditions of coffee producers, along with agronomic techniques used in the field and how each step in coffee processing affects the final quality.

More recently, he worked as a roaster and quality grader in Barcelona with Esperanza Cafe. In September 2017, Nicolas joined CCS to manage the European Sales and help in CCS’ quality control process.

You can contact Nico at nicolas@collaborativecoffeesource.com.