Welcome, Matt!


We have (another) new addition to the team. Welcome, Matt!

Matt Hassell resides just outside of Boston, MA, USA. From there he will be taking a leading role in CCS’ department of Sample Management & Quality Control worldwide, and is joining  our growing Sourcing & Buying team. Known for his organizational skills and sharp attention to details, both essential traits for the roles he'll be fulfilling within our team, Matt is a warmly welcomed addition to our team.

Matt began his career in specialty coffee in 2010 thanks to an exceptional coffee from Mamuto Estate in Kenya. Drinking it was a revelation and became the catalyst for a continued deep interest in all things coffee.

Things started out at George Howell Coffee, where Matt helped open their first cafe as the first acting manager. From there, he transitioned to the roastery where he eventually became Head of Roasting and Quality Control. During his tenure at George Howell, Matt played an active role in the educational activities of the company, which included hosting roasting classes and public cuppings.

In coffee there is always more to be learned. This fact perfectly fits Matt’s curious personality and desire to work more directly with producers, which is one of his biggest ambitions as a coffee professional. It is perfect, then, that his next stop and first one as part of team CCS is a trip to visit Kenyan coops and estates before the upcoming harvest season.

Welcome to the CCS team!