Welcome, Suzie!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA With the recent additions to the sales side of our team,  we're balancing things out in our communications team by announcing the addition of Suzie Hoban, who will be joining us at our HQ in Oslo. Welcome, Suzie!

Originally from Australia, Suzie has lived, worked and studied in Asia, Europe and South America.

After several years working in broadcasting, marketing and advertising, Suzie travelled to Italy to study a Masters in Food Culture and Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, complementing her communications background with sensorial analysis training and an understanding of food systems and production.

Upon graduating Suzie pursued a newfound fascination for coffee and cacao, interning with coffee roasters and chocolate makers in Europe, before moving to Bogotá in 2011. There she continued exploring cacao and coffee as a lecturer in Gastronomy at the Universidad de La Sabana, a chocolatier, and an ardent promotor of Colombia’s burgeoning fine chocolate industry. Living in Colombia, Suzie has seen first-hand the benefits the specialty market brings to farmers and local companies in the supply chain.

You can reach Suzie at suzie@collaborativecoffeesource.com.